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One of the main underlying foundations of the political, social and economic reforms stemming from His Majesty the King's wise leadership and insight, is the creation of the public prosecution office.

Article 104 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain provides that the law shall lay down the provisions pertaining to the Public Prosecution Office.

The public prosecution office is organized under Decree-Laws No. 42 for the year 2002 with respect to the promulgation of the Judicial Authority, and No. 46 for the year 2002 with respect to the Criminal Procedure Law.

The public prosecution is a judiciary organization; Article 49 of the Judicial Authority Law provides that: "The Public Prosecution Office is an inherent division of the Judicial Authority and will exercise their functions established by law. The Public Prosecution Office shall exclusively have the right to move and handle the criminal cases unless otherwise provided by the law".

Article 55: The members of the Public Prosecution will report to their superiors in order of grades and act on behalf of the Chief Attorney in the course of discharging their duties. They entirely come under the Supreme Judicial Council.

Article 59: Appointment of public prosecution deputies shall be for one year under probation by order of the Chief Attorney. Any of such deputies may be released on recommendation of the Supreme Judicial Council if he or she is found to be incapable of carrying out the responsibilities of the position.

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