Attorney General’s Message

At a time when the Kingdom of Bahrain witnesses its comprehensive institutional development as a definitive reflection of the Reform Plan of His Majesty the King, the public prosecution organization ensues as a fundamental cornerstone of the state of law, a pillar in our civilized society and a substantial instrument within our justice system for the protection of rights and freedoms and for ensuring stability throughout the Kingdom.1

As a division of the judicial system and the representative of the community for processing the criminal actions, the public prosecution has been entrusted with specific functions. As such, the public prosecution has developed its own capabilities and processes to ensure keeping breast of latest technologies available for achieving the key objectives of ensuring integration of processes, speeding up investigation of reports and complaints, and facilitating for the stakeholders the access of their lawful requirements. A key element in this direction is the introduction of technologies in recording investigations and procedures and in documenting judicial dispositions and decisions.

Today, within the public prosecution's ongoing plan for development and upgrading, and out of our firm satisfaction that speed in the consideration of actions and settlement of grievances, response to the requests of stakeholders, and facilitation of obtaining lawfully accessible information, is a major element of justice, we have established a website as an accessible communication facility with the public prosecution for matters for which personal attendance is not required by law. Further, we seek to educate the public on the functions and the various judicial and administrative divisions of the public prosecution

In offering this service to the Bahraini community, both citizens and residents, it is our hope to be satisfactory, conducive to the objectives of justice and easily accessible.

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